5 easy ways to earn money by instagram

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5 easy ways to earn money by instagram

How to earn money by instagram?  At this time people of all ages often search on Google.  That’s how they can earn money from Instagram sitting at home.  So let’s know the answers to these questions

5 easy way to earn money by instagram

Why every one wants to earn money by instagram

Instagram is a rapidly growing social media platform.  On which users share photos and videos.  Whose users are increasing day by day.  The downloads of this app are also increasing rapidly.  And this platform is proving to be very good and beneficial for the brands.  You will find all the brands on this platform.

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Benefits of instagram marketing

This is a platform where you share your photos and videos and increase your followers.  Brands give you advertisements for their products by looking at your audience.  Advertising on this platform is very cheap and easy.  That’s why the brand considers Instagram the first priority for advertising.

5 ways to earn money by instagram

Friends, there are many ways to earn money by Instagram, but today we will tell you about 5 such top ways, with the help of which millions of people are earning money through Instagram at this time.  You can also earn good money by these methods.  It doesn’t matter how many followers you have.  Just the more your followers, your earning will be more accordingly, if less then it will be less.  So let’s start.


This is the easiest and most economical way to earn money through Instagram.  In this you have to promote other Instagram account from your account.  For which that second account pays you money.  Another advantage in this is that you do not have to search any other page for shout out.  This page messages you.  And talks to you about promotion.  When your account starts growing and gets more followers on it, then you will get two to four shoutouts every week.  With the help of which you can earn well.  Then as your followers increase, so will the number of shoutouts you get.

Instagram shoutout

How much can you earn by instagram shoutout

You can easily earn 5 to 10 thousand a month with the help of shoutout.  Then as your followers increase, so will your earning.  You can decide the price of each shoutout according to your own.  This price also depends on your account niche.  If you have a business account and you have followers around 20k then you can ask for a shoutout from 500 to 1000 thousand rupees.

How to give any one shoutout

You can give a shoutout to anyone in two ways, first you make a guest post for them and tell your followers about their account.  And second you do the same thing on your story.

First of all, know about the nich of whichever page you have to give a shoutout.  If your page is nich and its page is low then you can give it a more valuable shoutout.  Due to which the growth of that page will be maximum.  You should try to give the shoutout only to the page related to your niche.  This will benefit that page and your audience will also get valuable content.

2- Affiliate marketing

This is the second easiest and most economical way to earn money through Instagram.  With the help of which users can earn very good money.  In this, you have to promote the product of a third party person.  And whenever a user buys that product from you, then you get commission for that product.  Affiliate marketing is also done by big companies like Amazon, Flipkart, and other big shopping platforms.  You can participate in their affiliate program.  And you can start earning from today itself.  To participate in this, you have to register by visiting these company’s website.  The more products you will sell to them.  You will get more earning.

Earn by affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing earning

 By this method you can easily earn from 10k to 1 lakh or even more in a month.  Your income will depend on your sales.  The more you sell them.  It will give you good commission.  Their commision differs according to their product.  They offer you 5% to 90℅.  In some products, this commision is available up to 99%. But big companies like Amazon or Flipkart offer you only up to 20% commision.  So be careful while choosing your affiliate partner.  And don’t choose your affiliate partner just by looking at the commision, see its brand value and customers too.

How to do affiliate marketing

Friends, for affiliate marketing, first you have to join an affiliate program.  Which you can do from their official website.  After joining the partner, you will get their panel.  From there you can generate the link of the products.  And you can share it on your Instagram.  You can create a post related to that product or you can put it in your story.  So that the user can click on it and buy that product.  You can put a link to that product in your bio.  You can double your earning through Instagram.

3- instagram online store

This is a way with the help of which you can open your store on Instagram.  You do not need any coding or software skills to open it.  All you need to do is know how to run a normal Instagram and you meet the eligibility criteria of Instagram’s online store.  All you have to do is list your product in the online store.  You can easily reach and sell your product to a very high audience through online stores.

Instagram online store

4- sell E-book

You can sell your e-book on your Instagram page.  You can create a single mistake book by yourself.  And you can sell it to your audience at a reasonable price.  You need to put a post on your Instagram page.  After that you have to put the link of his book in your arms and tell your audience that if someone wants to buy the same book then can buy by clicking on that link which is given in your bio by selling e book on instagram page  You can easily earn 30 to 50 thousand a month.

Sell ebook

5-Start youtube channel

You can start a YouTube channel related to your Instagram niche.  And convert your Instagram audience to YouTube.  This is also a very economical and earning way.  With the help of which you can earn very good money monthly.  With the help of this, you start getting that on YouTube in the early days itself.

Start youtube channel


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