Best Guns in COD mobile

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Best Guns in COD mobile

Best guns in cod mobile This topic is often searched by gamers. Players of COD game  always want to know that what are the best guns in cod mobile recommended by experts that help them to win the game.  Let’s know and give a better ranking experience

Call of duty mobile

Cod game  has become quite popular in almost every country at this time, the popularity of this game is increasing day by day. It is one of the most downloaded games on Google Play Store. COD games are often new to improve the gaming experience of its users.  Keeps bringing new updates, in these new updates you keep getting new guns, due to these new new weapons, users sometimes get confused that who is the best guns in cod mobile?  And because of this confusion, gamers often choose the wrong gun and play using the wrong weapons and the result is that they lose the game.

Call of duty mobile

In the middle of the COD game, it is necessary that you choose a better gun than the others, which increases your chances of winning the game although or only matters a little, along with the good gun you have to win the rest of the game  It is also important to have skills.

Top 5 best guns in cod mobile

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To this day the makers keep adding new guns to the game frequently.  The best guns in COD mobile for you also depends on your gaming style and what type of player you are, we will tell you about such guns which will work for you in both long-range short-range and medium range.


1- ASM10 – This is one of the very best long range guns at number one, this gun can easily win you in the fight of long range fight.  There is only one drawback in this gum, that is its low rate of fire, due to which this gun is not for use in short-range but the accuracy of this gun is quite good.


2- KN-44 –  The damage of this gun is maximum 70 which makes it best for medium and short-range, you will have some difficulty using this gum at long range because its rate of fire is high.

Best guns in cod mobile

3- Peace maker MK2 – The most important thing about Hindu is its damage, which makes it very powerful, you can use the office gun in both long and media, its damage rate is around 50.

Best gun in cod mobile

4- DR-H-  or a 100 is a very powerful gun for trains, its damage is 41, its mobility and high rate of fire make it a better gun for close range.


5  LK 24 – This gun has a damage rate of 41.  The fire rate and accuracy of this gun is very good.  It is one of the very good guns for short-range.


Note – This list is based on writers preference. 

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