Can lack of sleep cause headache? Tips for better sleep

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Can lack of sleep cause headache

Can lack of sleep cause headache?  Most of youngsters are fighting with this problem.  According to statistics, about one third of the world’s population is suffering from sleep problems.  In the era of Kovid-19, the problem of insomnia has increased even more, taking sleeping pills is not a permanent solution.

Lack of sleep

Can lack of sleep cause headache? Full details

Staying awake till late night is waking up in the middle of the night or frequent breakdown of sleep is a sign that points towards being a victim of insomnia.  If your question is ‘ can lack of sleep cause headache?  Then your answer is yes.  Lack of sleep cause headache and many more health problems.  According to statistics, about a third of the world’s population is suffering from sleep problems, while 10% of people are suffering from insomnia, due to changes in lifestyle, the problem of insomnia is becoming increasingly serious.  The number of people suffering from depression has increased rapidly in the last one year.

Can lack of sleep cause headache

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How much sleep do you need?

How much sleep you need depends on a number of factors. The World Health Organization recommends how many hours of sleep in a day, depending on age.


 Newborn – 16 – 18 hours

 One to five years – 11 to 12 hours

 School going children – 10 hours or more

 Teenager – 9 to 10 hours

 Young and old – 7-8 hours

Sleep in night

Symptoms of insomnia

• sleep late

 •getting less sleep

 •Frequent sleep breaks

 •Sleeplessness after breaking sleep at night.


According to experts, ‘insomnia is both a disease and a symptom.  When this disease occurs, it is called primary insomnia i.e. the problem of insomnia is not related to any health problem or condition.  But many times it happens that due to any health condition such as asthma and depression, arthritis, cancer, pain or drug abuse, it is called secondary insomnia.  Due to the development of brain tumours, why patients often have sleepless nights and have severe headaches.  That is why both primary and secondary insomnia should be taken seriously and treatment should not be delayed.


According to health experts, the condition of insomnia is considered when there is trouble in sleeping at night and due to less sleep during the day, problems like headache, body pain, irritability, lack of concentration come.  When there is no sleep at night and its effect during the day.  Then there is the problem of insomnia.  But if you sleep less at night, there is no problem during the day, then it is called poor slip.  If the problem of Insomnia lasts less than 3 months then it is called as Acute Insomnia and if it lasts more than 3 months then it is called as Chronic Insomnia.

Can lack of sleep cause headache

This can be due to insomnia

According to doctors, the cycle of sleep and wakefulness is mainly controlled by our brain.  It also controls some other things such as changes in body temperature, blood donation and hormone secretion, the melatonin chemical plays a major role in this.  It is also called the ‘hormone of darkness’.  Its deficiency increases alertness and excessive drowsiness puts the body into sleep mode.  This hormone is produced by a gland present in the brain.  Which plays a special role in the sleep-wake cycle as well as other circadian rhythms.  Sleep disturbance is caused by circadian rhythm disorder.


Sleeping pills without prescription

According to experts, sleeping pills are considered one of the most harmful drugs.  It has many side effects.  Sleeping pills give sleep to the patients of insomnia but they do not cure the reason why they are not able to sleep.  Consuming it continuously for a week can make you addicted to them.  It happens to many people that it starts with a small amount of medicine but later on the amount increases.


 Sleeping pills make you sleepy at night, but the person does not feel refreshed during the day.  Drowsiness rests on him.  There are problems like headache and dizziness, due to which digestion power is affected.  Due to which there are problems like stomach pain, acidity, constipation, diarrhea and indigestion, there is tingling in the hands and feet.  Consumption of sleeping pills continuously leads to weakness and difficulty in balancing the body.


 Sleeping pills interfere with the normal breathing process.  That is why people who have problems related to independent such as asthma etc., they should consume them only on the advice of the doctor.

Cases are big due to vivid 19

Lack of sleep

According to doctors, our lives have been affected in many ways due to the COVID-19 pandemic in the last 3 years.  People’s routine changed.  Instead of going to office, he started working from home, many types of mental, physical and social worries and stress have become associated with people’s lives.  Many people have lost their loved ones.  Those who became Kovid-19 have not been able to come out of that trauma.  Stress, anxiety and depression are big in people.  All these things have affected people’s sleep.  Staying at home has affected our regular routine.  Also, the use of gadgets is also bigger than before.  Due to this also the problem of sleep has increased.  The first where the sufferers of insomnia are 10% of the total population.  They have become 25 to 30% in the last one and a half years, the cases of poor sleep i.e. not sleeping properly have also increased from 50 to 60%.

Treatment of sleep

According to the World Health Organization, insomnia is one of the most common and serious sleep disorders.  There are many therapies that do benefit, some of them are mentioned below.


 Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

 CBT is considered the best for the treatment of chronic insomnia.  In this, work is done on the way of thinking and behavior of the patient.  In this, an attempt is made to identify negative thoughts and behavior and replace them with good thoughts and behavior.  CBT helps the patient to control or eliminate the thoughts and worries that keep them awake.


 light therapy

 It is considered good for people who suffer from insomnia circadian rhythm sleep disorders and depression.  It is also called photo therapy or bright light therapy.  Specially designed lightboxes are used in this.


 oxygen therapy

 Exposure to high levels of oxygen helps the brain go into deep restorative slip.  With this therapy, the brain relaxes the patient, his mood remains better during the day and stamina also increases.

Home treatment of sleep

 •Drink warm milk before sleeping, add ground almonds to it, it is rich in calcium and it helps the brain in the production of melatonin.


• Eating foods rich in magnesium, such as green leafy vegetables, pumpkin seeds and almonds, helps in getting good sleep.


• In the evening but at least 4 hours before bedtime, definitely consume a cup of green tea. The amino acids present in this calm the brain by increasing the level of feel-good hormones in the body and help in getting good sleep.


 •Before sleeping at night, drinking a cup of milk mixed with a small piece of jaggery also helps in getting sleep.


 •It is also advised to eat a banana mashed and mixed with roasted cumin seeds immediately after dinner.

Sleep in night

This is how good sleep will come

•According to American scientists, these measures can almost get rid of the problem of primary insomnia.


 •Make a regular time to wake up to sleep, once strictly followed, you will start sleeping at the same time every day, even on the day of the holiday, your biological clock will also be correct.


• After getting up, open the windows and curtains so that natural light comes into the room.  If you stay in artificial light even after getting up, then melatonin will not be switched off and you will feel that sleepy.  Do spend some time in the sunlight.

 •Do not eat heavy food even after consuming caffeine and nicotine.

 •Avoid sleeping in the afternoon, if necessary, do not take more than 15 minutes before 3:00 pm in the afternoon itself.

 •If you want to relax before sleeping, then take a bath, read a book or listen to light music, the sleeping room should be dark and peaceful, the temperature should not be too high and not too low.

 •Exercise regularly but do not exercise hard before sleeping.

 •If there is any concern, try to come out of that situation before sleeping.

 •Stop using gadgets one hour before sleeping.


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