Malaria caused by , symptoms , protection and medicine

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Malaria caused by

Malaria is a serious deadly disease spreading rapidly.  Malaria caused by the bite of female Anopheles.  Malaria disease is not only caused by mosquito bites, there are other reasons for them.  Which can spread malaria disease.  We just need to be alert and take some precautions.  With which we can easily fight this disease.

Malaria caused by

Malaria overview

Malaria caused by mosquito and other reasons. The rainy season brings with it a dangerous disease like malaria.  Malaria is caused by the bite of an infected female Anopheles mosquito.  Mosquito bites provide a way for the parasite to enter the body.  From where it reaches the liver through the blood.  There they develop for some time and then the red color starts infecting the blood cells as well.  Malaria is a vector borne disease. Vectors are organisms that transmit infectious diseases from human to human and from animal to human.  It usually takes 10 days to 4 weeks for malaria symptoms to appear.  Sometimes malaria parasites lie in a sluggish state in the body for a long time.

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Malaria health report

World health report on malaria

According to the World Malaria Report 2019 published by the World Health Organization, an estimated 200 million 28 million cases of malaria were found in 89 countries.  In the year 2018, more than four lakh people lost their lives due to this disease globally.  The 3 countries in Southeast Asia accounted for 98% of the total malaria cases.  In which the share of India alone was found to be 58%.  According to statistics, malaria affects young children more badly.  The Government of India prepared the National Framework for Malaria Eradication 2016-2030 in February 2016 with a target to make the country malaria-free by 2027.

Malaria process

Malaria symptoms

Patients initially show symptoms of high fever with less frequent chills.  In addition to physical symptoms, doctors conduct blood tests to determine whether there is malaria or not.  There is a difference in the severity of symptoms depending on how the person is in general health and the current condition.  Some of the symptoms are as follows.


 very high fever


 headache restlessness

 Vomiting Nausea


 stomach pain

 sweat a lot

 joint or muscle pain

 blood in stool

 rapid breathing


 rapid heartbeat

Malaria cause mosquito

Malaria caused by so many reasons

●In addition to mosquito bites, malaria can also spread through the following ways:

 ●Malaria infection from pregnant mother to newly born child

 ●Transmission of infection from person to person through blood transfusion

 ●transfer the list used to vaccinate an infected person to another person


 Although now many medicines are available for the treatment of malaria, but these medicines should be taken only according to the advice of the doctor.

Malaria health report

Preventive measures

The best way to prevent malaria is through individual control. Apart from this, increasing the information about malaria still prevents it from spreading. Protect yourself from being bitten by mosquitoes. Some measures to control malaria and prevent it from spreading are as follows.  .


 Precaution is the best way to get rid of malaria.  Malaria is a major infectious disease among mosquito-borne diseases.  Special care needs to be taken especially during the time around monsoon.


 Always wear full-sleeved clothing, one can use insect repellants on exposed skin areas.  If you are outside for a long time, keep applying the cream in between.


 Do not wear very thin clothes as these mosquitoes can bite, instead of wearing tight clothes, wear loose fitting clothes.


 If there are more mosquitoes, then using a mosquito net while sleeping at night is the best solution.


 Keep your home and surroundings neat and clean.


 Do not keep the doors and windows of the house open at night, mosquitoes are more prone to come through them.


 Keep an eye on your symptoms, such as high fever, low fever or rapid heartbeat, etc. Contact a doctor immediately if you suspect any possible symptoms of malaria.


 With the advice of the doctor, the patient can take anti-malarial pills, usually its course lasts for 2 weeks, it should not be neglected.


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