Saty nadella life story : from a common man to chairman

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Saty nadella life story

‘Saty Nadella life story’ is being searched by most users on Google after Satya Nadella became the chairman of Microsoft.  Because the journey from an ordinary Indian to the CEO and chairman of Microsoft has been decided so far.

Saty nadela life story

 More recently, he has been appointed as the chairman of Microsoft.  Which is a matter of pride for any Indian.  Today we will take a look at this news and know saty nadella life story

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Saty nadella elected as chairman of Microsoft

Saty nadella

The world’s largest software company Microsoft has chosen Indian-born Satya Nadella as its chairman.  Nadella will replace John W. Thomson, who will continue his role as Chief Independent Director.  Microsoft announced on Wednesday that the board of independent directors unanimously elected Nadella as chairman of the board.  In this role, Nadella will lead the board’s agenda-setting work for the company, the company said in a statement.

Microsoft’s third chairman

Nadella is the company’s third CEO and the third chairman in the company’s history.  Prior to this, Bill Gates and Thomson had been the chairman of the company.  Nadella succeeded Steve Bomer as CEO in 2014.

Saty nadella bill gates

Nadella’s achievement

Satya was awarded the Financial Time Person of the Year in 2019.  In the same year 2020, he was given the honor of Global Indian Business Icon.

When Nadella was made CEO of Microsoft in the year 2014, Bill Gates again joined Microsoft to learn him.  Nadella focused on cloud computing, mobile applications and artificial intelligence.  And also extended the Office software franchise.

Saty nadella sallery

Satya Nadella’s annual income (2018- 2019) reached $ 42.90 million (Rs 304.95 crore).  By the way, his salary is said to be 23 million dollars.  The shares earned $296 million.  $1.07 profit from non-share purpose.

Saty nadella life story from a common man to chairman of Microsoft

Nadella joined the company in 1992 as a young engineer.  After joining the company in 1992, he was made the Central Vice President of Microsoft in 2000.  He then became Corporate Vice President of Business Solutions for Microsoft, then was made Senior Vice President of Microsoft Online Services.  Then V became the President of the Server and Tool Division.

Saty nadela life story

Saty nadella education qualification

Satya Nadella was born in 1967 in a Telugu family in Anantapur district of Hyderabad.  His father was an administrative officer and mother was a Sanskrit spokesperson.  He completed his electrical engineering from Manipal Institute of Technology in the year 1988 after doing his early education from Hyderabad Public School.  He went to America to do his Masters in Computer Science.  Satya was married to Anupama in 1992.

PM has reached the wedding uninvited

Saty nadella family

Satya’s father bn Yugandhar was the secretary to the then Prime Minister Narasimha Rao.  His father did not invite Rao to marry Satya and Anupama.  When Rao came to know, he suddenly reached the wedding and also complained about not being invited.


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